Thursday, July 20, 2017


Mobile Web


If your site is flash based, with no accommodation for iPhone’s and iPad’s,  you could be telling your potential customers to install an upgrade that doesn’t exist!   We can create you a mobile site that looks like a native app, with no downloading or installing.  The site automatically adjusts depending  on the device to deliver first class solutions.


Mobile Apps


Native apps can be very expensive, with different languages for iPhone and Android.  Thanks to software such as Xamarin, apps can share a single source base, and still take advantage of features of each platform. This translates in more affordable options for getting your idea onto your customer’s devices.  Contact us today for more information.

Other Devices

Tablet prices continue to drop, with many capable devices as low as $200. Instant on, and long battery life are among many of the benefits. More and more consumers are stepping away from the desktop, and turning to tablets to find their next dining experience or retail purchase. If you aren't sure how your site looks on a tablet, contact us today to make sure that you are ready for this revolution! We can also help you make the most of cloud capabilities, with on demand computing power with a pay as you go cost model, avoiding the headache and expense of costly servers and admins. We can even develop on .net micro framework devices, powerful, small, inexpensive computers that start at less than $100!


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